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I’ve Moved!

Hi, I have moved my blog to its own domain (yay!): http://blog.verani.net.

You can still access all of my old posts on this site, but new posts will be at the aforementioned address. To read the archives, just hit the archive posts button in the top bar.

Thanks for visiting my site, and update your bookmarks!

Ioannus de Verani


1. shadow - June 26, 2007

how did you install the nuovext icon set

2. Hendricks - September 10, 2008

hello nice site!
scale gyrocopter

3. Valerii - April 10, 2010

– :
. !

4. lunaculun - June 9, 2010

Love is metaphysical gravity.


5. Cdrggf89 - January 25, 2014

Радиокомпоненты Кабель! Россия вся электрика Электрика.

6. janadeatontlxcr.beeplog.com - February 11, 2014

Other features include uploading images, posting as draft, setting timestamps etc.
Comment on other blogs that can be related in some way to your blogging niches.

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